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Welcome to Bruce’s Blog. You can choose from two lists [below]. One—under the rubric PLAIN TALK—leads to a series of posts critiquing the design offered by the Republican Party in the United States. The second opens to my topical posts. This is best known as my ‘rant blog’.

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I’m Professor Emeritus of Politics at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where I’ve taught since 1965. Fall 2007 courses: “War” and “Security, Disarmament, and Nonproliferation.” I’m also Convenor of the Global Collaborative on Denuclearization Design. For more, see résumé at

Anyone may comment on a post. Comments may be moderated, in accordance with usual expectation that comment be germane and civil.

I’ve just moved this blog to WordPress and am only beginning to become comfortable with unfamiliar commands and procedures. If something looks awry, or a link doesn’t work, please be patient. But in reading earlier posts please be careful to discern by context what are my comments and what is quoted (refer to original sources in the NOTES if in doubt). As I tidy up the move to WordPress I’ll render all quotes unmistakably.

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