❄ Bush “harnessing greenhouse gases”

❄ Bush “harnessing greenhouse gases”

GW Bush told an ITV interviewer, in reference to global warming and climate change,

“I think you can grow your economy and at the same time do a better job of harnessing greenhouse gases. That’s exactly what I intend to talk to our partners about.”

Bush also said, of any possible G8 policy on climate change,

“If this looks like Kyoto, the answer is ‘no’. The Kyoto agreement would have wrecked our economy.”

How will GW Bush’s peers go about explaining to him the difference between ‘harnessing’ greenhouse gases and ‘reining in’ greenhouse gas emissions? Or does he think that greenhouse gases are just another form of natural gas, and all you have to do is get it to the consumer?


[Note 1] ITV interview, 4 July 2005, reported in The Irish Times, 5 July 2005, and the International Herald Tribune, 5 July 2005.]

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