❄ Surveillance & Secrecy

Surveillance & Secrecy

As I’ve followed the NSA intercept revelations, and other disclosures and comment, I’ve been thinking how to keep the dazzling array of issues in some order. To that end I’ve written a page of ‘talking points’. I don’t pretend to summarize or assess the claims that have been made, though obviously I’m prompted by a seeming consensus—not persuasively rebutted—about the methods and scope of surveillance by NSA, GCHQ, and perhaps others.

To see this file please click here: SURVEILLANCE & SECRECY.html

The same, with an added page of notes and suggestions: Talking Points & Notes

Having followed the developing issue of NSA’s surveillance, I’ve posted an interim assessment here and on my design blog [http://design.learnworld.com/]. To see this draft please click here: Designing Against Surveillance, 2013.10.20.


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