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How is it that so few people in the US took seriously charges—ten and twenty years ago—that the US, with others, was intercepting global communications? For example, look at Nicky Hager, “Exposing the Global Surveillance System,” 2 February 1998, http://cryptome.org/jya/echelon.htm [Note 1] . That page clicks to 1990s articles cited by Duncan Campbell, with refs to other articles, including the European Parliament STOA committee report

A few days ago, 17 July 2013, Duncan Campbell was on a panel “Surveillance in an Information Society: Who Watches the Watchers?” at Chatham House, http://www.chathamhouse.org/events/view/193229. [Thanks to Patricia Lewis, who called this to my attention.]

[I can explain, I believe, why the efforts to focus EU institutions on “Echelon” ran aground. ]

Microwave intercepts.

And at http://cryptome.org/jya/gchq-etf.htm you can read a Duncan Campbell article making out broader claims about GCHQ intercepts. The claims of Hager, Campbell and others received confirmation when the article below appeared [18 July 1999]; striking photos of this tall tower were published in newspapers.

 The Guardian wrote that

GCHQ listened in on Ireland The Irish government yesterday demanded an explanation from Britain over GCHQ’s secret operation to eavesdrop on communications to and from the Republic using a 150ft tower in Cheshire.

” …

The tower, built at a cost of pounds 20m, is on British Nuclear Fuels land at Capenhurst, between two BT microwave towers carrying international telephone traffic.

The intercepts were passed to GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, for further processing. [Note 2]

Documenting British ingenuity, Richard Lamont has posted photos of the tower and maps showing how it could have been used to intercept British Telecom microwave transmissions: see http://www.lamont.me.uk/capenhurst/original.html and http://cryptome.org/eyeball/capen/capen-eyeball.htm. Lamont’s assessment: “Although there is no direct proof that [interception] was the tower’s purpose, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.” Lamont estimates the tower was in active use 1990-1994.


[Note 1] Nicky Hager, “Exposing the Global Surveillance System,” 2 February 1998. http://cryptome.org/jya/echelon.htm In posting Nicky Hager’s article, Cryptome notes that “This article is reprinted with the permission of CAQ [to Ham Radio Online] (CovertAction Quarterly). CAQ subscription information follows the article.


[Note 2] Richard Norton-Taylor, “GCHQ listened in on Ireland,” The Guardian, 18 July 1999, http://www.theguardian.com/uk/1999/jul/18/ireland

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