The deaths of four UNIFIL observers in southern Lebanon a few hours ago pose the question whether the deaths were ‘deliberate’ or merely ‘reckless&#146. Did Israel murder the United Nations observers, or were their deaths merely the result of Israeli recklessness?

An Irish former UNIFIL participant, Tom Clonan, was interviewed on the RTE radio program Morning Ireland today. He is familiar with the Observation Post which was attacked, and his account of the Observation Post and of Israeli practices seems to me to offer more for an understanding of this episode than I’ve seen in the press.


Dr. Clonan is Security Analyst of The Irish Times. His views, similar to those in the RTE interview, are published today in The Irish Times, “Israel Agenda May Be to Drive Out the UN.”:


[Article available by fee or institutional subscription, e.g. on LexisNexis.]

Another Irish view on the Lebanon affair, but written before the UN observers’’ deaths, is that of Michael D. Higgins, president of the Irish Labour Party and its foreign affairs spokesman:  “The End of International Law?”. [1]

[Note 1] http://www.labour.ie/campaigns/listing/20060725173337.html A modified version was published in The Irish Times, 27 July 2006, under the title “Is This the Beginning of the End of International Law?: The European Union has handed the Middle East to the militarists.

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