❄ “How Democrats Can Get Back on Offense”

  ❄ “How Democrats Can Get Back on Offense”  

Mark Green and Gary Hart have published an Open Letter to 10 Congressional Leaders signed by 20 leading Democrats. [Note 1] The relevance to political design lies in their brief list of prime proposals, several of which have been the subject of previous posts to Political Design.

“ Ideas … Where are the successors to Social Security, GI Bill, the Americans with Disabilities Act? To help Democrats win and govern, what can be our positive mandate?

… We can do that here on earth with a living wage, a carbon tax, a Mortgage Refinancing Trust agency, progressive tax reform, filibuster reform, corporate pension reform, public funding for public elections, universal voter enrollment – and with clear explanations how inequality retards the GDP, education investments advance growth, and a high-tech Pentagon can be smaller and more effective.


[Note 1] Text of letter at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mark-green/dnc-democrats-open-letter_b_1852899.html. Huffington Post, 4 September 2012.

[Political Design 2012.09.06. Post A36. Short Link p=72. http://www.learnworld.com/blog/design.html (an archive of posts through April 2010) or http://design.learnworld.com/]

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