❄ Iraq [II]. Gareth Porter on Exit

The Question

Is there a ‘third way’ between abrupt withdrawal and an endless stay?


Dr. Gareth Porter has published a proposal, ““The Third Option in Iraq: A Responsible Exit Strategy”,[Note 2]” which is distinguished by its sensitivity to process and consequences.

The Political Design Problem

How can the Americans get out of Iraq?


[Note 1] Dr. Gareth Porter, ““The Third Option in Iraq: A Responsible Exit Strategy,”” Journal of the Middle East Policy Council, v 12, n 3, Fall 2005. http://www.mepc.org/public_asp/journal_vol12/0509_porter.asp; or http://www.mepc.org/public_asp/journal_vol12/porter.pdf as a pdf document.

[Note 2] Cf. Post A07: Getting Out of Iraq. http://www.learnworld.com/blog/2005/08/getting-out-of-iraq.html

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