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Bruce Larkin’s résumé, including hot links to draft papers and blogs, is now on line.
War Stories Bruce Larkin’s War Stories, a study of war’s sources and war choice (New York and Bern: Peter Lang Publishers, 2001). The full text is available online [pdf] for non-commercial personal and classroom use.

Bruce D. Larkin, Nuclear Designs: Great Britain, France, and China in the Global Governance of Nuclear Arms (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 1996).

Designing Denuclearization Most recent book: Designing Denuclearization: An Interpretive Encyclopedia (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers, 2008).
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Bruce Larkin’s Blog: News to Remember
This is 2003-current: it begins with serious pointers to material on the Bush Administration’s foreign policy and the Iraq war.
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4 Nuclear Designs: on the book Nuclear Designs : Great Britain, France, and China in the Global Governance of Nuclear Arms plus links to other Nuclear Policy pages on this site and on other sites. Nuclear Policy

The directory Denuclearization Links, a guide to Web sources on nuclear weapon programs and nuclear abolition.
The complete text of the Acheson-Lilienthal Report [16 March 1946]: Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy.
The text of Herbert York's book Race To Oblivion: A Participant's View of the Arms Race [1970], long out of print. Access by chapters or on a single long page [594K].
Ballyvaughn WaySIGNS: links to selected sites useful for students and scholars [24 February 1999].
6 LearnWorld: templates with which to contribute annotated topical study lists to the Web. LearnWorld
* A current and updated Denuclearization News Page, a search on the NewsIndex site for articles mentioning nuclear weapons, nonproliferation, nuclear disarmament, the NPT and related terms. Denuclearization
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University of California at Santa Cruz

1999.04.13: Kosovo. “Kosovo: Is the US bombing of March-April 1999 Sound Policy?” A discussion of policy during the Kosovo campaign.

2000.10.13: Abolition Scenarios. “Nuclear Weapon Abolition Scenarios”. Five plans, from the Acheson-Lilienthal Report to the May 2000 decision of the NPT Review Conference, for nuclear abolition.

2001.05.22: Contrary Maxims.    “Contrary Maxims: Can We Live With Anarcho-Unilateralism?”. In the light of these maxims, the early-2001 Cheney-Rumsfeld moves in security policy are profoundly unsound. [Also available as an html document.

2001.10.18: The ‘War on Terrorism’ Is Not a War. “Why This Is Not a War and Why It Is Important to Understand This Is Not a War.” A comment on GW Bush’s ‘war on terrorism’ and its implications for civil and personal liberties. [Also available as a pdf document.]

2001.12.20: ABM Treaty Abrogation.    “Treaty Abrogation and the ABM Treaty”. Is a President free to jettison a treaty, without the approval of Congress?

2002.02.01: The Nuclear Posture Review.    “The U.S. 2002 Nuclear Posture Review and Its Implications for Nuclear Abolition”. [Also available as a pdf document].

2002.10.18: “Action Despite GW Bush: Pursuing Nuclear Disarmament in the Face of Sovereign Unilateralism”.. In this paper I review evidence of unilateralism in Bush foreign policy and canvass measures which states may take to pursue policies in the global interest.

2002.12.08: “Iraq: Go to War? and The Nuclear Question”.. [Version 3] Obviously most relevant to the Iraq war question, this paper identifies what I consider to be the key points in public US and UK documents as of mid-October 2002 concerning “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. I isolate the US and UK characterizations of the Iraqi nuclear program and consider 'coercive inspection' proposals. In a section titled “WMD Aside, What is the Bush Group After?” I put the greatest weight on calculations of electoral success in November 2002 and November 2004.

2003.11.11: “The Iraq War of 2003 and the Politics of Denuclearization”. This paper traces steps in the decision to go to war against Iraq, showing how claims about Iraqi ‘weapons of mass destruction’ were knit into US and British justifications. The period surveyed is August 2002 through October 2003.

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Nuclear Designs: Great Britain, France, and China in the Global Governance of Nuclear Arms
[Transaction Publishers, 1996]
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Denuclearization Links to other sites and Web-accessible documents on nuclear abolition and arms control. [12 January 1997].
"Comprehensive Test Ban" [28 February 1996] and a 21 June 1996 addendum on China's CTB policy. The Acheson-Lilienthal Report [16 March 1946]: Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy. Re CTB

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