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The LearnWorld Entry Page

LearnWorld Entry Page

In LearnWorld, Readers arrange their own study around selected texts. Texts are grouped into Topics, and Topics into Pathways.

If you are visiting LearnWorld for the first time, we suggest you check out a sample Topic and then download the page showing Roles and Objects. Almost twenty templates are used in LearnWorld. To view download options, go to downloading. If you might submit a Topic, Text, Pathway or Review, LearnWorld encourages you to go for it now. Declare your interest. Get it on line. Improve it when you have a chance. "It is better to light one candle than to sit and curse the darkness."

  • Quick Start:
    LearnWorld: Sample Topic. Bosnia.
    LearnWorld: Sample Topic. War Theory.
    LearnWorld: Roles and Objects
  • Readers and Writers:
    A LearnWorld Reader's Needs
    A LearnWorld Writer's Needs
  • Templates:
    LearnWorld Object Templates: Topics, Pathways, and Texts
    LearnWorld Contributor Templates: Authors, Reviewers, Convenors, and Tutors
    LearnWorld Utility Templates: FAQs, Roles & Objects, and Note
  • Further Exploration:
    Statement of Purpose
    How Can I Help Build LearnWorld?
    Complete List of Original LearnWorld Pages
    Who Launched LearnWorld?

  • Using LearnWorld: To Be a LearnWorld Reader You Will Need

    1. A computer which can display Web pages.

    2. Access to the Internet.

      This can be supplied by your university, company, or organization, or secured privately by subscribing to an Internet provider.

    3. Web browser software

    4. Email software

    5. LearnWorld Reader core Reader templates

      1. LWWelcomePage
      2. LWReader
      3. LWRoles&Objects


    Since you will be accessing the same small group of pages repeatedly, you will probably want to install them on your own computer. Then you can modify your copies of LWReader and LWNoteFile for your own personal use. You obtain the core templates by downloading them from a server. For one or two templates, go to the LearnWorld Welcome Page, go to the template you need, and save a 'source' copy. The full set of templates and icons takes about 300K of memory, and in compressed form less.

    Archived sets are available in the following versions:

  • Macintosh:
  • UNIX:
  • DOS and Windows:
    • [1] All templates, but no icons. Retrieve also.
    • [2] All icons.
  • If you have any difficulty acquiring archives of templates and icons using these links, try the DOWNLOAD: link in the Go Bar at the beginning of this page.

    If you have a Web presence, and especially if you are authoring a Topic Page or Pathway Page, or are a Tutor, you can make full sets available by placing archives in the folder or directory in which your work is accessed. To keep a set for redistribution, disable any automatic conversion of incoming files which you may have set.

    How Can I Help Build LearnWorld?

    As it's just beginning, LearnWorld needs pioneers prepared to draft Topics and, grouping several Topics together, create Pathways for study. You will need a Web presence on which you can publish your Topics and Pathways. As Topics and Pathways are placed on the web, there will be a need for Reviewers to offer their judgments and advice.

    Building LearnWorld: What You Need to Write in LearnWorld

    In addition to what a Reader requires, a Writer will require some additional templates and--most importantly--access to a Web presence.
    1. A Web presence.

      Presence: a location on the Web where you can place pages all Web users can read. Your institution may have a server running Web software, where it can accord you a directory for your pages. Or you can go to a Web provider, such as Webcom, which makes a Web presence available on a subscription basis.

      It's also possible for someone without a Web presence to team up with someone who has one: one person could prepare the Topic, for example, and another attend to getting it on the Web.

    2. LearnWorld substantive object templates

      These templates describe LearnWorld's substantive pages: Topics, Pathways, and Texts.

      Topics are the crux of LearnWorld: selected lists of texts on a given topic chosen by the Topic's author. If you are considering contributing an element to LearnWorld, you certainly want the LWTopic and LWPathway templates.

      1. LWTopic
      2. LWPathway
      3. LWRe

    3. Learn World contributor templates

      Authors contribute Topics, Pathways, and Texts. Reviewers contribute Texts. Convenors and Tutors help groups of Readers in their study of texts.

      1. LWAuthor
      2. LWReviewer
      3. LWConvenor
      4. LWTutor

    4. LearnWorld utility templates

      1. LWRoles&Objects
        • Also noted as a Reader need.
      2. LWNoteFile
        • This Page. Also noted as a Reader need.
      3. LWFAQ
      4. LWPortfolio
      5. LWVendor

    How Can I Explore LearnWorld?

    As this is written, LearnWorld is just being launched. There isn't much 'out there' to explore. Check out the sample Topic. In time there will be more Sample Topics. You might contribute one yourself! In the meantime, the following give more information:

    A Statement of LearnWorld Purposes

    LearnWorld Help Pages

    LearnWorld Sample Topics

    Complete List of LearnWorld Pages

    LearnWorld Help and Utility Pages

    LearnWorld Sample Pages

    LearnWorld Template Pages

    The preceding links are relative to the server on which you are reading this page. If templates and icons are not available on that server, use the absolute Download link in the Go Bar at the beginning of this page.

    What's LearnWorld About?

    LearnWorld affirms that people educate themselves, and one another, and that the Web can help them to do so effectively. LearnWorld is open and non-hierarchic. Anyone with Web access may take part. In addition, it is decentralised, configurable, and cumulative. One aim is ongoing education, understood as self-education. Another is to encourage conversation: mutual education. A third purpose is to build publicly-accessible lists of texts, shaped and refined.

    We believe LearnWorld will nourish learning, alertness to distinctions, critical thought, taking positions, and being ready to offer reasons and appreciations for doing so.

    The best education, at any level, values study, thoughtful and serious texts, acts and arts of writing, and diverse appreciations and understandings. Our hope is that the Web's virtues--publication to the world, easy netting, graphics and video, search capabilities, links, and global contacts--will make for better learning.

    We celebrate texts and conversation. The Web permits new forms of texts and new means of conversation, but certainly does not supplant inherited forms. In learning, the first question is 'what merits asking?' The next is 'what does it mean to say one question, one answer, one experimental design, one work of art, one appreciation, is in some specific respects better than another?' LearnWorld is designed to enrich and extend the pursuit of these questions, making full use of studies now in print, and encouraging new studies, new practices, and new commentary.

    Using Icons

    You can navigate by clicking the icons. They are:

    Return to the LearnWorld Welcome Page.

    From the LearnWorld Welcome Page you can navigate to any other template.

    The following line takes you to the top of your current Page: Up

    You can also go to the top of the page by clicking the icon or the double icon .

    moves you to the bottom of the page, where Version information is displayed.

    Finally, at the top of the Welcome Page and Topic Page are Go Bars for navigating to sections. On the Welcome Page:

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    and on Topic Pages:

    | Text § | Précis | Topics § | Reference § | More § | Namelist § | Drafter |

    LearnWorld has been createLW.htmlin and Helen Kruse Larkin. We can be reached through our home page by email:


    Copyright, Terms, and Conditions

    LearnWorld and the LearnWorld logo are © 1995, 1996 Bruce D. Larkin and Helen Kruse Larkin. This template, including "LearnWorld" and the LearnWorld logo, is the property of Bruce D. Larkin and Helen Kruse Larkin. Authors may 'comment out' sections, insert content, add new sections and graphics, assert copyright to their contributions, and distribute the combined template and additional content for non-commercial purposes, provided the template is fully included and this notice is attached intact. Users of this template, and of LearnWorld, agree to accept complete responsibility for their use and to hold the issuers of this template harmless for any purposes to which the template may be put and for any harms which might arise from features or defects.


    Version Information

    Template set issued 95.11.01 updating all templates issued prior to 95.11.01, and updating LWWelcomePage and LWFAQ to the current version. This template last revised: 96.12.26.