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I am a Tutor seeking work.

I accept the principle that the first hour of my work for any Reader, or a Group of Readers, should be given freely by me without charge, and that the Reader must pay in advance for any subsequent hour of advice or comment. When I meet with a Group my charge will be the same as that for meeting with one Reader. I agree that a Reader may cease to request my services at any time and need not give me any explanation why she or he has done so. Readers asking me to act as Tutor also acknowledge that I may decline their request at any time.

I consider the guideline that an hour's advice should cost about 1/800ths of the average annual income in my society, but I may charge more, or less. [I may also charge a negotiated fee for travel time.] In any case, I will not raise the rate on any student with whom I have an ongoing exchange.

Of course, I am at liberty to act as a Tutor to friends and acquaintances without charge.


Subjects About Which I Am Prepared to Advise


How I Conduct Tutorial


What I Have Done Which Qualifies Me to Be a Tutor

You may wish to consult my Portfolio.


Tutor's Notes



I am currently available to receive additional Tutees electronically, and to act as Tutor to Groups in my field in the vicinity of Santa Cruz, California.

Biographic Note and Contact Information

My name is YourName, and I can be reached by email at: YourEmailAddress.




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