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SEARCH ENGINES Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
A very helpful review of search engines appears in the December 1996 issue of MacWorld: Charles Seiter, "Better, Faster Web Searching," pp. 159-162. It is a comparison of AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek Ultra, Lyco, Magellan, Open Text, WebCrawler, and Yahoo. [And, as you see, MacWorld places its articles online, offering search of issues published since September 1994.]

AnySearch, a free download from PGP Inc., puts a convenient button to several prime search pages on your Netscape® browser.

AltaVista Advanced search with AND OR NOT NEAR "" ( ). Categories: Web, usenet. Digital Equipment (DEC).

Northern Light Searches web and a 'Special Collection' of articles from more than 1800 sources, grouping returns in useful folders. Web links and article synopses are free, but a fee [typically $1 to $4] charged for full-text download of 'Special Collection' articles.

Infoseek Ultra Categories: + 1 "". Go to Infoseek Japan to search Japanese-language pages, if you have Japanese-capable software.

Excite Enter search terms.

Lycos Advanced search with - . $ for NOT, EXACT, and SUFFIX WILDCARD. Categories: web, sounds, pictures, by subject.

HotBot Search engine. WIRED and HotWired.

reference.com Newsgroup search. Do "active" right-now query, for results on your browser, or set "passive" query with results emailed to you.

LINKS [Grouped] & Search Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Yahoo The venerable lister and grouper, striving to compete with HotBot, Lycos, and Excite.

LIBRARY CATALOGS Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Library Catalogs Library of Congress list of "Z39.50 compliant" searchable library catalogs.

University of California Want a big one? Try the University of California catalog. [UC faculty & students can also access several subject databases.] Fully searchable.

British Library 'Network OPAC,' a searchable catalog of selected British Library holdings. Beware limited hours: offline 0000-0400 GMT Monday-Saturday, and Sundays and 'English holidays.' [0000-0400 GMT is 4 pm to 8 pm PDT]

Library of Congress Library of Congress catalog.

NEWSPAPERS Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
newspapers.com Links to many many newspapers around the world, and other sites of published media. For example, there is a page of links to college and university newspaper web pages.

University of
Pennsylvania Library
Newspapers and electronic journals. Links to electronic journals, organized by discipline. Extensive. Links to newspapers.

BOOKS & LIBRARY REFRERENCES Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
BookSpot Links to book sites. [Companion site of LibrarySpot.] They say it is "designed to break through the information overload to bring top book-related sites together with insightful editorial in one convenient, user-friendly spot."

LibrarySpot Links to library and reference sites. [Companion site of BookSpot.]

Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
World Lecture Hall Professor-submitted links to courses [reading lists, links, other course materials] organized by academic discipline.

phone email postal
Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Switchboard Telephone book search. Categories: people, businesses.

WhoWhere? Record your own name, address, telephone, email &c. so others can find you.

Four11 Locator. You can record your own name &c.

University of Notre Dame
Directory Links
'Gopher' links to "All the directory servers in the world." Most in universities, some faculty, some student. A creaky system, but it may be the only way to find someone's address.

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BOOKS Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Amazon Fast search on claimed > 1,000,000 titles.

American Booksellers' Association Links to ABA members who are on line.

CDs Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
CD Connection Selling by mail. Order on web. Claim > 135,000 CDs.

Mac & PC STUFF Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
PC Connection
Among the foremost computer by-mail outlets. 1-800-800-3333. Check MacWorld or PC World for ads by this and other mail order houses.

LANGUAGES Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Transparent Language German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Latin. English for Spanish-speakers. Mac or PC. With CDs hear lesson sentences; repeat, record, compare.

COMPUTING Click to Go to Top -> Directory
SHAREWARE Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
shareware.com Access to software, often the best available. For example, Netscape browsers can be downloaded through this site. If you download "shareware" for which the author asks a fee if you use it, please pay if you do decide it is useful.

WEB BROWSER Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Netscape Navigator 4.5 You can [must!] download this from Netscape if you don't have it--or some competitive equivalent. Includes Java support, font control, table cell background colors [as in this site], cascading style sheets. [Navigator 4.04 is the most recent for 680x0 machines, and requires Sys 7.6.1.]

WEB & NET FREEDOM Link "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Directory
EFF is a "non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media."

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Consider that Deutsche Telecom blocked all WebCom sites, including this one, to keep one site--certainly an obnoxious site--out of Germany. And in September 1996 China blocked some hundred sites, including CNN and The New York Times.

Pretty Good Privacy

Pretty Good Privacy: a cryptography program, originally distributed as shareware, and now a commercial product of Network Associates. A freeware version for non-commercial use is available from an MIT server. With PGP you can encrypt files to ensure confidentiality. [PGP is also incorported into the commercial Eudora email program from Qualcomm.] You can read about PGP developer Philip Zimmermann.

WEB SITE PROVIDER Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
WebCom Web Communications [WebCom] is our web services provider. For a reasonable price they provide sites, email handling, domain-name services, &c. You must already have Internet access.

Mac SOFTWARE Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
The authors of this site rely on this software. Other users will have other needs. But these are powerful, general applications which Mac-using students and scholars will find helpful.
Word 5.1a This is an earlier version of Microsoft Word. It has proven stable and reliable. Excellent tabling capability. [Avoid 6.0, said to be plagued by bugs, and rather than 6.0.1 look at Mac Word 98, below.]

Mac Word 98 Latest version of Microsoft Word. Especially good for academics: markup capabilities [e.g. inserted comments, color highlighting]. Bulky.

RAM Doubler 2 If you need more "random access memory" and don't want to buy chips, this will do the job--at a small price in speed. This new version permits expansion up to three times installed RAM.

Web Arranger Presents itself as a way to organize work on the Web. It does that. But it is very flexible. Use it to schedule your life [calendar]; to list bibliography; to organize Netscape bookmarks more easily than in Netscape Navigator itself. Plug-in features.

StuffIt Deluxe 5.0 The front-ranked utility for archiving, compression, and translation of Mac files.

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TRAVEL Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Council Travel Governed by member colleges, universities, and student study/travel organizations [Council on International Educational Exchange], Council Travel is a non-profit service for students and faculty. Specialises in air travel to Europe and Asia. Web site is thin; phone them for current fares.

MAPS Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
University of Texas Map Collection Many maps. Consult or download.

PERSONAL PAGES Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Excite Live A comfortable starting-point, with a strong Web search engine and a trainable news search. Notepad. Reminder. Links to news sources. Categories.

My Yahoo News search. Categories. Other personal page features. And fast!

LANGUAGE SOURCES Link What Does This Site Do? Directory
Center for the
Advancement of
Language Learning
CALL is the 'action arm' of the US CIA Director's Foreign Language Committee. Its includes links to language learning resource sites.

RTHK: Radio Television
Hong Kong
Live Chinese [Putonghua and Cantonese] and English programs.

Timecast Links to live audio and video, accessed using RealAudio and RealPlayer, including index of radio stations in many languages.

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